New PTSD Course and Bundles!


It's been a busy summer so far at Nirvana Massage and we've got a brand new course and a few new bundles to share with you.

PTSD and Massage CourseOur new course covers PTSD and massage therapy. It's five CEUs and as more and more of our clients are being diagnosed with PTSD, it's a useful unit for all of us to have.

To go along with our new unit we have put together a 13 CEU PTSD Bundle. It includes PTSD, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse.

Next up is the MRSA Bundle. It's 12 CEUs and includes MRSA, Sciatica and Massage, and Sports Massage.

Finally we have our 12 CEU Myofascial Bundle that comes with Myofascial Release and Massage Ethics 101.

All of our bundles have a 30% discount applied, so be sure to check them out and save today!

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