Massage Continuing Education


Online massage continuing education courses save therapists time and money, allowing you to see more clients and offer expanded services.

The days of spending weeks in classrooms to learn basic information are behind us. Did you know that you can earn hundreds of NCBTMB Approved massage therapy credit hours from home at your own pace and test online? That's what we offer here at Nirvana Massage - dozens of world class massage continuing education courses that you can easily download, study and test with at home.

Ultimate Massage CEU Bundle - Massage therapy continuing educationWe recently launched our Ultimate Massage CEU Bundle - a single package that includes all of our courses and every new course we add for an entire year for one low price. We're really excited about it and we hope that you find it both convenient and affordable.

Looking for an individual course? Take a look at some of our new courses like Geriatric Massage and Lupus & Massage.

Unfamiliar with online massage continuing education? Let us walk you through the simple process with this handy infographic. If you have any further questions, please be sure to consult our FAQ or Contact Us.

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